Building work life balance for your team

How to keep your people happy, healthy and motivated.

As employers, we know that we should help our staff to achieve a good work life balance. It’s the right thing to do. But when you’re busy it can be hard to focus on this, rather than other aspects of your business like cash flow or bringing in new business.

But a good work life balance can take your company to the next level.

Here’s some of the benefits:

Increased productivity
Research by the Corporate Executive Board shows that employees who feel they have good work life balance work 21% harder than those who don’t. Staff are more likely to be more engaged, improving the amount and quality of their work. And because they have a healthy amount of downtime, they’re also less likely to take time off due to stress or illness.

Easier recruitment
For smaller businesses, it can be challenging to compete with the big boys to recruit staff. By offering a great work life balance, you could tip things in your favour by offering a better working environment. Research by Arise shows that 58% of workers would take a pay cut to be able to work from home and 25% would be happy with a lower salary if they could avoid their commute. So if you can offer this type of flexible working, you may be able to reduce your wage costs too.

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