A powerful integrated approach to business software. Sage have been supporting businesses like yours with world-class business software for well over a quarter of a century. Their long-term commitment to investing in technologies and applications helps you to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

As well as being a Sage Strategic Business Partner, in 2012 StoneHouse Logic was also accredited with being the “Sage 200 CRM Partner of the Year” in recognition for the service we provide our customers and our expertise in this field.

Sage 200 Manufacturing is a powerful manufacturing solution that enables you to manage your entire supply chain in detail, end to end, giving you the information needed to manage and control your business more effectively, whilst maintaining maximum productivity and increasing customer satisfaction and profitability. Sage 200 Manufacturing can provide an ideal solution for manufacturing businesses that helps you control every stage of the manufacturing process including Master Production Scheduling, Bill of Materials, Estimating, Production Planning, Work Order Processing, Operation Times and Product Traceability.

The Master Production Scheduling function will smoothly control production planning, works order processing and resource management, with full traceability for materials tracking. MPS reads demands and creates a master production schedule for production of finished items and sub-assemblies that are sold separately. And the Bill of Materials module helps you create detailed Bills of Materials for all your manufactured products, no matter how many components you use. BOMs may, in turn, use other sub-assemblies within them to provide a multi-level, hierarchical structure. Works orders can be created automatically from MRP recommendations or entered manually. Stock levels are automatically updated when you allocate and/or issue stock against the works orders. You can then produce picking lists, route cards, operation cards and job sheets. On completion of the works orders, stock is automatically updated, enabling goods to be despatched immediately.


For more information on the benefits of Sage 200 Manufacturing and how it could help your company please see the brochures available below.

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