Profile Financial Solutions save time and money

Profile FS Save time and money with with Sage CRM and StoneHouse Logic

Profile Financial Solutions first started its relationship with StoneHouse a little over 12 months ago, when the business was looking for a CRM system to improve its efficiency business and develop its overall service. Members of their team had visited a number of networking events and people they had met had been very complimentary about StoneHouse.

The Company

Based in the B1 Business Centre on Davyfield Road in Blackburn, Profile currently employs 22 staff who are experts in the financial services industry. Clients are serviced to a very high level, regardless of their level of assets. Profile’s typical clients have a more modest set of assets and require an intermediate level of support, but still receive great quality independent advice. Specialists in Pension and Insurance products, Profile seeks to either improve the performance of pensions or at least reduce the annual charges, and saving money on the insurance products its clients require.

The Challenge

Profile was in the market for a system that would help them manage cases, as well as having a solid platform to maintain documents and communications, but the business needed one that could do it effectively. With the business growing and expanding, it had become extremely difficult trying to do this manually. The current approach wasn’t working and was causing serious problems which needed to be addressed. A quality IT support system was needed to help them in moving forward which is where StoneHouse came in to lend a helping hand.

Why StoneHouse

Colin Ryan, Business Support Manager at Profile explained the decision in commissioning StoneHouse. He said, “StoneHouse had been highly recommended to us by a number of people at networking events so we invited them for a period of due diligence along with others. Stonehouse’s technical knowledge shone through above anyone else, their Sage package was attractive and the system they provided us with was adaptable to our needs. This was exactly what we wanted and needed, they absolutely fit the bill.”

The Solution

StoneHouse Logic encouraged Colin and the team to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system to help with the running of the business and it is now held in the highest regard by all of Profile’s employees. Colin explained, “The CRM system is crucial to our service. It has given us a lot more visibility of our cases.We now have reports that are all based on one database, and the CRM now actually drives the operation of the business, which has had an immense impact.”

The Future Challenges

Profile are over the moon with the durability that they have established as a result of Stonehouse’s services, and are looking to take that forward with them in the future. Colin said, “When we first started off on the process, things were changing on a weekly basis, but now we have a lot of stability. Things are a lot more automated, making the running of the business a lot easier. We believe we can create further efficiencies and will work with StoneHouse and the services and products they offer to achieve this.”

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