Microsoft Gold ‘Competency’ – Benefits to Your Business


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Over the last few years the way Microsoft assesses and verifies the skills and experience of their partners has changed, in years gone by the title ‘Microsoft Gold Certified Partner’ along with the logo was a really clear and well know mark of the top tier of Microsoft Partners that businesses found simple and clear.

Now we have a program with a range of different competencies which are more applicable to the wide range of solutions that Microsoft and it’s partners deliver. So it’s much more accurate and valuable – but just not quiet as clear and simple.

So : What does ‘Gold Competency’ mean to you and your business when looking to choose an IT provider ?

A Microsoft Partner with Gold Competency :-

1. Can provide evidence to customers of their certified technical knowledge on the latest Microsoft technologies
2. Have proven solution expertise and skills, as well as business focus, and have the customer references to show for it
3. Can provide more reliable customer service through deep technical support and advisory services at each stage of the sales cycle
4. Can cost-effectively meet your needs by being able to offer both on premise and/or public or private cloud solutions with Microsoft

In Microsoft’s own words, “A Gold Competency is evidence of the deepest, most consistent commitment to a specific, in-demand, business solution area.”

How do you find Microsoft Partners with Gold level competencies ?

Pinpoint connects you with Microsoft recommended solution providers that can provide you with applications and technology solutions for your unique business needs. Save time and money. Accelerate business growth and profitability.

You can also use this link to check the competency of your existing provider, check out our our current Microsoft Competencies on this link