Microsoft Azure lands in the UK

In September Microsoft announced the arrival of the Microsoft Azure cloud computing in the UK.

“The new cloud regions in the UK become part of one the world’s largest online storage infrastructures, supported by more than 100 data centres globally. These hold over 30 trillion pieces of data and are backed by billions of dollars in investment since 1989.”

Microsoft, September 2016.

Microsoft Azure enables flexible cloud computing to UK Businesses

Microsoft Azure enables flexible cloud computing to UK Businesses

The news means:
a) Azure and Office 365 are now generally available from multiple data centre locations in the UK with facilities located in London, Durham and Cardiff
b) UK based companies can now demonstrate regulatory and legal compliance with ease
c) Companies’ data will now remain within the UK
d) Microsoft can offer its online suite of Office 365 productivity apps to companies, without sending data overseas

Fluctuating demand? Azure’s got you covered

With a monthly software as a service subscription model, Azure and Office 365 are the ideal solution for any business where the need for server space can fluctuate. For example schools and colleges, which are quieter during the summer months, organisations like UCAS that see huge demand at exam time and any retail businesses that see season peaks at Christmas-time or during the holidays.

With Microsoft Azure, you can simply dial up or dial down your demand, to suit your businesses’ needs. This means that instead of paying thousands of pounds up front on a range of servers that you might not need all of the time, you can invest a monthly sum in exchange for reliable, secure and flexible server provision.
The BBC reported on the news of Azure’s new home, “Clients are only charged for what they use and can easily alter their requirements at short notice. This can prove substantially cheaper than maintaining their own computer servers, although a hybrid approach is also possible.”

The solution to disaster recovery needs

Servers can also be kept in a state of dormancy, to be revived and used as and when you need them, making Azure the perfect reliable and cost-effective solution for your disaster recovery and business continuity needs.
“With the new UK regions, customers receive the benefits of data residency and geo-redundant data replication in multiple data centres within the country for business continuity.”
Microsoft, September 2016

Pay as you go for cost efficiency

Azure’s elasticity of service means that you’re only ever billed for your usage. Value for money that even the largest organisations in the UK are taking advantage of:
“The Ministry of Defence (MoD), which employs around 250,000 people, will use Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure cloud services, with the Government citing value for money and security as key reasons for the agreement.”

The BBC reported, “Mike Stone, chief information officer at the Ministry of Defence, said he first approached Microsoft with the idea of opening local facilities two years ago.
At the time, he said, the MoD was using software that had not been updated in years.
“We were still on Windows XP, for instance, and all of the applications were from 2003 or prior to that,” he told the BBC.
“I took the view that the services we were providing were unfit for purpose. The idea is to provide a different capability that fully exploits the power of the cloud and mobility.
“We can now work on documents collaboratively and understand more about the ways we are working – we will be able to see how much time teams are spending in meetings, on email and on the phone.”

Trusted and innovative

Built on Microsoft’s Trusted Cloud principles of security, privacy, compliance, transparency and availability, this creates new opportunities for innovation with thousands of UK businesses and organisations already on board. Businesses like Glasgow City Council, Marks & Spencer,, Natural Resources Wales, Pizza Hut Restaurants and Virgin Atlantic.


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