Meet Our Team : Jack Doran


My role as a Sage Developer here at StoneHouse Logic involves designing and developing bespoke applications and delivering technical support for customers on Sage. Customers call us with their queries or problems and we find the solutions.

It could be anything; from how to import data from a CSV file into Sage or how to work old databases into new systems or create a new user profile – it’s different every time which is one of the things I love about my job.

For more technical problems our managers visit customers on site and discuss what they need Sage to do for them and the problems they are having then we as a team set to solving that brief by developing bespoke software to meet their needs.

On the technical support side I am involved in visiting customers to help install and set up new Sage systems, it is nice to meet the people and explain the software to get them started.

I joined StoneHouse Logic 3 years ago after doing a Software Developer course at Accrington and Rossendale College.

They are great people to work for here at StoneHouse Logic, they encourage and help you with new training opportunities and Microsoft exams and allow you to take on new challenges in your workload.

In my spare time if I am not messing with a computer or software program I enjoy Thai Boxing.