Meet Rob Stanway

The technically tremendous Rob Stanway
Since Rob joined StoneHouse, the technical services team he manages has doubled in size. Here, he gives us the low-down on his professional and personal life.

You are… Rob Stanway

Role at StoneHouse Logic : Technical Services Manager

Biggest achievement at work : With the continuous growth of the technical services team, it’s always been crucial to maintain the personal level of service StoneHouse is renowned for. I believe we have done that and more. It’s also great to see individual members of the team develop and grow alongside the business.

Favourite past time : A group of us from the office have taken up squash. I keep getting defeated, and people keep enjoying defeating me. But it is all good fun!

What’s the next big thing ? Geo-targeting. With location tracking being the standard for all our personal devices, businesses will use this to exploit advertising and marketing opportunities more and more. We will be walking past a shop and get attracted in with an offer sent direct to our phones. Businesses will have to be careful to avoid spamming however.

Number one IT tip : You’re only as good as your last good back-up!