Meet Matt Inckle

Software Services Star Matt Inckle


As the Software Services Manager, my main role is to oversee all customer projects and support Issues the software team is challenged with, identifying which members of the team have the greatest expertise in which modules of sage and making sure they are utilised. On a practical level, this means that I am responsible for supporting our business software specialists to ensure the successful implementation of customer projects and ongoing support meets the high company standards. On a daily basis I am involved with everything from post sales, project management, and implementation of business applications, end user training and on-going support.

One of the most important roles for my position is maintaining the strong relationship we have with our current customers, identifying any problems as they arise, minimalizing any interruption. Although I am based within our Lancashire office, I work directly with our regional managers to ensure all of our customers are receiving a high level of service and that the entire team is reading from the same hymn sheet, up-to-date with any upgrades to the software or upcoming versions they need to be aware of.

I come from a programming background, with a degree in Business Information Systems, including Sage Solutions, from the University of Central Lancashire. I have extensive experience in software analysis and design, specialising in business IT. Since leaving university I have always worked for relatively small companies, developing and implementing software applications into organisations across the UK. So I have a practical knowledge of the day to day operations of SME’s, which is a great advantage when working with our customer.

I have been at StoneHouse for almost five years, starting out as a software developer, quickly being promoted to the head of the team which has grown around me. Since working at StoneHouse I have developed an unofficial working title of Sales Prevention Officer, as I will not allow a contract to begin unless the software selected by the customer is beneficial to their requirements.

In my spare time I consider myself to be a supporter of all sports, whilst being a participant in none, but if I had to select a favourite team it would most likely be Burnley, just to annoy Mark Edwards. I pride myself on being the only person within the company who isn’t a tech geek, but I believe this gives me a fresh perspective on the work at hand, and the variation between me and my colleagues works really well and leads to some positive banter within work. As well as the usual pass times of socialising with friends and family I enjoy walking and last year organised the Three Peaks (individually) with the aim of completing the hat-trick collectively next year. I have also recently taken up playing squash and badminton with a few members of the office staff, I don’t win too many matches, but jumped at the chance to get away with pinging squash balls at Rob Stanway.

For a long time now, there has been chatter about geo-targeted advertising. Basically, companies such as Tesco being able to target you through location of chips in club cards etc. Companies could alert you of in-store promotions and offer specific marketing for every member that walks through their door. Can you imagine driving down the M6 and getting a text from McDonalds to let you know they were 12 miles away? Would you feel spied upon or would you just quite like a cheeseburger? If this is actualised it could mean a great demand for a leap forward in all software.