Keep your family and your business safe online this Christmas

Free Guide to Online Safety for your Business and Family

Free Guide to Online Safety for your Business and Family

In the middle of all the fun and festivities, it’s important to take a few moments to think about online safety at Christmas.

The madness of Black Friday has passed. The shops are counting down to the end of trading on Christmas Eve. Here in the Stonehouse Logic office, we’re just starting to think about the holidays and looking forward to enjoying a few days of peace, quiet – and lashings of brandy butter on our Christmas puddings.

Secure at work, secure at home

As an IT business, though, we’re always mindful of developments and changes in the world of technology and the internet. At Christmas time this extends from the office environment to your home, especially if you’ll be taking anything away from the office to ‘catch up on’ over the festive period. (We know, we know – it’s not ideal – but we also know that as a business owner it never really stops, does it?)

With the realities of working over the festive period, it’s worth stopping to think about the security of your data, particularly once you’re out of your office environment. It’s the small but essential things like passwords and firewalls that keep you safe at work. So how can you make sure you’re just as safe at home?

Global crime, local threat

When it comes to Cyber Security, there’s a tendency to think about the big headline hacks that make the news headlines. What’s not always so newsworthy is the danger that cyber criminals pose to companies and households on a local level.

To make it easy, we’ve compiled a simple download for you and your family, to make sure that everyone stays safe online over the festive period. It covers a number of key aspects of online safety and security that will help you:

  • Check that when you shop online you do it safely
  • Make sure the passwords you choose are strong and secure
  • Safeguard all new tech gifts and purchases
  • Ensure safe online access for children’s gaming
  • Install additional software where needed for an extra layer of online protection between the office and home
  • Peace of mind with your free download

    Cyber criminals operate at all levels of society and across all geographies. At this time of year, when online spending is at its annual peak, when new gadgets, laptops, devices and phones are joining online networks, and people are travelling to see friends and family and potential working from places away from the office, there’s an added element of vulnerability online.

    Download your FREE guide here and make sure everyone’s safe online. In the spirit of Christmas, please feel free to share it with your friends and family too.

    Season’s Greetings from all of us here at Stonehouse Logic,

    Mark and Sally Hope

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