Introduction to Spindle Document Management – Webinar 12th June

Exclusive StoneHouse Logic Webinar

This Webinar is an introduction to Spindle Document Management within Sage 200. From distributing your outbound documents and automating many of your workflow processes, to capturing incoming documents for access instantly in Sage 50 and 200, Spindle Document Management provides you with a complete document management solution to become a paperless business.

What Areas Are Covered?

  • Send all your documents out, in batches or individually, via email or to print for sending by post
  • Generate beautiful looking documents with your branding and include relevant information, instead of plain Sage templates
  • Attach any related documents or a second page such as terms and conditions and add promotional messages to emails
  • Instantly archive all outgoing documents for viewing within Sage

Why This Event?

  • Sage 200 Accredited Partner.
  • Sicon Accredited Partner.
  • Sage 200 Partner of the year

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