How to turn your office move into a powerful opportunity for growth

dreamstime_s_62364545It’s well documented that moving house is one of the most stressful things we may have to do in our lives. Indeed, according to a recent article in The Telegraph, “Two thirds of people voted moving house top of their stress list, with it triggering more anxiety than relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job.”

Moving office may not rank quite so highly as a stressor as packing up all your belongings and moving home, but it’s an event that needs to be handled with thought and care, both to ensure the smooth running of your business and the ongoing care of your valued customers.

An opportunity to streamline

Done in the right way, an office move can also be the trigger that allows you to refine your business operations. It can enable you to make positive changes, so that when you begin life in your new premises, you have all you need to move forward and to grow.

From clearing out the piles of papers that accumulate in any office space to archiving old files, this is a rare opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start afresh.

It might also be the perfect excuse to invest in that stunning coffee machine you’ve had your eye on.

A chance to be more agile

Just as you might think about changing your gas and electricity providers at the time of a house move, so planning ahead for an office move is the perfect time to evaluate your current service providers and to investigate more agile solutions to support the future of your business.

For our client, Service Alliance Ltd, it was the move to their new offices that triggered their decision to streamline their IT operations. The company, a cleaning and maintenance business that operates from a sustainable standpoint, was growing. And their growth indicated a need for an IT infrastructure that was scalable and that was in keeping with their increased success.

Like many fast-growing companies, Service Alliance Ltd was operating its business on an IT platform that had developed in an ad hoc fashion over the years. On investigation, the company lacked centralised file storage and overall security. And, as a result, there was minimal working collaboration between employees and the company’s data was open to potential security breaches.

Once the company’s IT hardware was moved to the new premises, with the all-essential forward planning to achieve minimal downtime, our streamlining process began.

Simple step-by-steps to a brighter, more secure future

Service Alliance Ltd asked us to develop a bespoke solution to their ‘ad hoc’ problem, a solution that was secure, flexible and would be scalable to meet the positive challenges they faced with the growth of their business.

Our first step was to enable centralised file storage for the company, and so promote a collaborative working style.

This was achieved by implementing a centralised server – Windows Server 2012 Essentials (Read the Windows Server 2012 Essentials White Paper here), which also allowed for a simplified integration of Microsoft Office 365.

Our second step was to migrate all the company’s existing data to the new platform and to implement secure remote access to the completed system.
• Protect their company data with complete system back ups and cloud-based storage
• Prevent the loss of accidentally deleted or overwritten files with the Office 365 File History feature
• Access their applications and data from anywhere in the world on virtually any device that has an internet connection
• Future-proof their email access and availability with the secure Office 365 cloud-based email infrastructure
• Use a VPN connection to join their server, negating the need to come into the office if not otherwise necessary
• Choose which applications they wish to run on their premises and which to run in the cloud, simplifying their IT infrastructure
• Monitor the health of their computer backups and levels of server storage and disk space with scheduled alerts
• Seamlessly extend their chosen capabilities and features as and when required

The move was completed in a timely and seamless fashion that minimised operational downtime. Ongoing service has been agreed with fixed price Silver Level Network Support for the company’s complete peace of mind. Service Alliance Ltd can now face the future with confidence, knowing the investment they have made in their technology will be able to support their continuing business needs.
By Sally Hope