We now have accurate stock control in near real-time, accurate batch costs we can rely on and have detailed and valuable management information across the business. StoneHouse Logic had the experience we needed to help us and we now have the systems the business needed to adapt and grow the business.”

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StoneHouse Logic helps Hills Biscuits implement integrated business management solution with manufacturing and planning capability


Privately owned Hill Biscuits was established in 1855 and manufactures a wide range of biscuits – including the infamous Custard Cream. Recent investment has seen successful growth of high volume production whilst maintaining traditional baking methods.

The range of products now includes oaties, digestives, malted milk, bourbon, nice and a selection of flavoured creams – available in different packs and selections.


The business has now grown to serve the needs of major retailers putting a great emphasis on accurate planning, product costing and manufacturing reporting. Feedback from the baking process is vital to help with future product development and improvements. Existing systems were not able to give the detail and accuracy of reporting needed.

Key Challenges:

  • Accurate costing and batch by batch reporting in detail
  • Traceability of all ingredients from supplier all the way to customer delivery
  • Material requirements planning

Financial management system, stock control and order processing StoneHouse Logic helps Hills Biscuits implement integrated business management solution with manufacturing and planning capability


Being able to provide the complete solution was the deciding factor, having the ability and proven track record to deliver a single project for implementation of IT infrastructure, financial systems and manufacturing package. The fact that they were a local Sage and Microsoft Partner was also a key factor alongside the experience the team at StoneHouse Logic have in the manufacturing sector.


Hill Biscuits implemented the complete Sage 200 Suite of financial, commercial and manufacturing modules on new Microsoft network infrastructure. This has delivered a robust, reliable and flexible infrastructure along with benefits across many areas of the business.

StoneHouse Logic managed the complete project including the replacement and management of the required network servers and infrastructure. Existing data was extracted and migrated to Sage 200—combined with information from other sources within the business.

Hill Biscuits now have in place a flexible, powerful and reliable fully integrated business management solution that has already delivered vital benefits to the business. Looking to the future Hills are now confident that they have the business information to make vital decisions and an ability to be flexible and fast to react to customer needs.

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