“As we move forward I believe that we will need StoneHouse expertise and experience more to help us future-proof our platform and ensure that it will continue to support the business.”


IT support is a necessary and important requirement for any 21st Century business. Choosing the right partner can be time consuming as differentiating between competing options can be difficult. Many organisations claim to offer a comprehensive and fast resolution service but simply do not possess the resources or expertise to deliver. The impact of which can cost you money when you are left without your critical IT platform for any length of time.


Falcon Products have over two decades of experience and expert knowledge in PTFE coated fabrics and tapes. This has enabled them to become key suppliers to various industries and sectors including double glazing manufacturing, heat seal, confectionery, baking and food processing.

One of their main areas of activity is the housewares sector, with the company supplying a vast and varied range of cooking liners, kitchen accessories, tools and gadgets, cookware and baking accessories to cookshops, department stores, mail order companies and gift shops. At the heart of their product collection is the outstanding Bake-O-Glide™ brand of non-stick, reusable liners, which the company has been manufacturing and supplying for almost two decades.


For many years Falcon had used a small local IT company to provide support for their infrastructure, but in 2014 they realised that this organisation would not be good enough going forward, as Falcon Accounts manager Linda Kennedy explained. “Whilst the quality of their service was good, they were only a couple of individuals and so the cover they provided was not consistent and sometimes we would have to wait days to get a problem solved. As a result we decided to look for a partner that had a larger team of IT professionals to support us.”


Falcon looked at a number of options before eventually choosing StoneHouse as Linda explained. “We could see straight away that they had the resources, accreditations and professionalism to give us the depth and breadth of support we wanted. In particular their links with Microsoft and Sage were important to us a user of their software. We wanted to partner with someone who gave us peace-of-mind about being up-to-date with the latest developments and issues regarding these two technology companies, and StoneHouse gave us that.”


Operating a network based on Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 and Windows 7/8 desktops, Falcon has less than 10 users but still requires high quality support. This means that if anything does go wrong it is quickly diagnosed and fixed. To ensure this happens StoneHouse provide a proactive support service that automatically monitors all of Falcon’s systems and software remotely. This enables many issues to be identified and fixed before they become a problem to the user.

Regular tasks like updates and patches are also taken care of under the contract, removing this task from Falcon and ensuring their systems are always fully protected and up-to-date. Linda added, “If we have a problem there is always someone available to talk to and resolve it quickly. They have also gone the extra mile on a number of occasions in ensuring a problem has been solved by working evenings or weekends. This level of dedication is really appreciated.”


“StoneHouse now provide us with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all our IT support needs’” concluded Linda. “As we move forward I believe that we will need their expertise and experience more to help us future-proof our platform and ensure that it will continue to support the business.”