5 Step Guide to Cyber Security by StoneHouse Logic

Looking for a quick and straightforward cyber security guide?

Stonehouse Logic Cyber Security 5 point checklist

Stonehouse Logic Cyber Security 5 point checklist

We all know that online security is a hot topic. Headlines about hacks and security breaches make the news every week – as do reports about the millions of pounds that are lost in revenues and reputations.

From the brand names that make the news, we know that even the biggest businesses and organisations aren’t safe from attack – but what about business owners like you? What’s really at stake when it comes to cyber attacks on a local and regional level?

How safe is your data? How secure is your business? How can you know that you’re taking a best practice approach when it comes to keeping your company safe from online criminals?

Cyber Security for your business

From changing passwords to installing firewalls, there’s so much information on cyber security out there that it can be hard to know where to start.

Your FREE guide to cyber security

That’s why we’ve put together a free guide to cyber essentials. It’s approved by our cyber security expert, Colin Howard. Colin certified as a Cyber Essentials Assessor in 2016, and we put the guide together after asking him what his top 5 tips for cyber security for local and regional businesses are as we move into 2017.

The guide is free to download. It’s written in plain English, and it’s in a step-by-step format, so you can check each step off the list once you know it’s complete. We hope it will serve you as a helpful guide to get you started and give you peace of mind. If you have any further questions, do give us a call on 0845 299 0147.

What is ‘Cyber Essentials’?

Cyber Essentials is a Government-endorsed standard. Successful applications for the Cyber Essential badge will protect your organisation against common cyber threats, show customers you take this issue seriously and even enable you to bid for Government contracts.

Download your FREE guide to cyber security here

Want to know more?

The New Year brings lots of changes for many businesses. If you’d like any help to make sure that you’ve ticked all the boxes when it comes to your online security, please give us a call on 0845 299 0147 or email us today.