James’ Places turns to StoneHouse Logic

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James’ Places turns to StoneHouse Logic to support its distributed network

IT infrastructure now impacts every part of a business, so it is important that your IT partner is capable of supporting you whenever anything goes wrong.The consequences of this not happening are unexpected downtime which could easily lead to loss of business.

The Company

James’ Places Ltd is the management company for multiple upmarket country house hotels, pubs and restaurants located in Lancashire and Yorkshire.Ranging from converted halls through village pubs to high street brassieres, they offer a year round selection of special events, promotions and offers

The Challenge

With such a distributed IT network across all its locations, James’ Places needed good support to ensure smooth day-to-day operations and if a problem occurred a quick fix.
This would place strains on any IT partner as Warren Bennett, Procurement manager for James’ Places, explained. “We needed a partner that was big enough to support us across all our locations, but not too big that we were just another customer. Our existing IT support was simply not big enough.”

Why StoneHouse

James’ Places put their network support requirements out to tender to 3 local companies that they felt met their initial criteria with respect to size. After a thorough evaluation of the responses StoneHouse were chosen.“It was not down to price,”said Warren,“but the fact they offered a personal service. StoneHouse made more of an effort from the outset. They analysed what we needed and gave us a more detailed explanation of what they intended to do in their preliminary work.” StoneHouse offered James’ Places their Gold support network contract. But, prior to commencing support, their engineers visited every site to audit the existing kit.

The Solution

As well as providing network support StoneHouse were involved in a project to provide a solution to James’ Places disjointed e-mail and file network. This involved upgrading various systems at desktop level as well as migrating the disparate email systems used to Office 365. This delivered a cloud based e-mail and productivity solution that also enabled the provision of backing up files from individual machines across the James’ Places IT estate. As well as offering rapid response remote and onsite support, the Gold level contract also offers a number of additional benefits. These include the provision of free-of-charge loan equipment whenever original hardware is at fault and away being repaired. Also, StoneHouse acts as a single point of contact for all IT problems, even those not covered by their contract.They will take ownership of the problem, liaise with the relevant supplier (eg Internet provider or 3rd party software company) and manage the problem to successful resolution. This enables problems to be solved with one phone call without being bounced around between different suppliers claiming it is not their fault.

The Future Challenges

Commenting on the service James’ Places have received from StoneHouse, Warren concluded, “I have absolutely no complaints with anything they have done for us. They have delivered exactly what we expected at a price we are more than happy to pay. I believe that as we continue to grow, StoneHouse will have no problems supporting our expanding portfolio of properties and businesses. This covers both the number of staff required to do this and also their expertise and in-depth knowledge to ensure that we always get the right advice on which are the best technologies to meet our evolving needs.”

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