30 is a Magic Number

rweghwerhWe are proud to announce that StoneHouse Logic has just taken on our 30th member of staff, this growth has been entirely organicand has come about over recent years success across all regions over the last few years. As a growing company we wanted to mark this milestone and take the time to reiterate our core values and our promises to our customers.

Our background and history
StoneHouse Logic was founded in 1998, and in that that time we have developed a wealth of experience in the area of networking and software solutions. As a result of the high level of service we offer our customers, we have been recognised as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Sage Strategic Business Partner, granting us the opportunity to better demonstrate our industry-leading capabilities.

This growth will allow us to guarantee that the team is performing to the best of their ability and the best person for the job is on the right project. StoneHouse Logic will continue to provide IT systems that resolve the limitations and frustrations our clients are faced with, as well as offering services and software that maximise productivity and profitability.

What we can do for our customers
Since day one we have been worked with small to medium companies around the north of the UK, developing and implementing software applications that best suit their needs.

This experience has enabled us to combine extensive technical knowledge with commercial application to consistently deliver significant business benefits and has allowed us to tailor the products and services we offer.

What we enjoy together as a company
Outside of the office, we can’t deny we are a company built with the heart of a geek and technology plays a great part in our social lives. Although we may have different tastes throughout the office, some pledging allegiance to Apple, and other abandoning ship to Android etc. we all come together in our love of technology and revel in the advancements that are made year after year.

And as with almost every office in the UK, sport makes up for many discussions, especially on a Monday morning after the weekend’s fixtures, which leads to some very interesting banter both in and outside of the office.

As well as our shared hobbies, we also participate wherever possible in social events, whether these be a night at the races, a trip to the local curry house, or our annual Christmas party, we find that socialising together as a team, allows us to work together more comfortably on a day to day basis.

Primarily; we are a family business, run by a family as a family.